LIFT Your Story with Dialogue Doctor Jeff Elkins Writer Editor and Ghostwriter


Jeff runs a service called Dialogue Doctor by night and works for a tech company Simmersion  by day.  Simmersion is a business that simulates difficult conversations for professionals to work with.  Jeff leads the writing team.  He sits down with world experts and as a professional mimick, he produces zoom like videos with Artificial Intelligence which are used to help people simulate difficult conversations.  This is where he began his ghostwriting and novels.  Jeff has 10 novels out, including two series – one mystery and the other urban fantasy.

One of the areas they deal with is Suicide Prevention.  He says when talking to someone who has suicidal ideations, you need to practice the critical conversation.  Jeff says that the skills he hones during the day transfer into his novels.

Jeff said he learned that it was important to network with other authors.  After “taking” from the community, he decided it was time to give back.  He began teaching how to write dialogue to authors.  He has just finished a 20 week master course.  He has a free podcast and newsletter that you can get at   Jeff says dialogue is what engages the characters in the story.  It is how we connect – through conversation.

Jeff worked as a preacher for 15 years before becoming a writer.  He said he learned so much more when he had to teach something then when he sat in a class.  So when he was teaching his master course he said he too was learning.  Dialogue Daisy is one concept he created for the course and it is available on as well.  He says it has to do with going from the roots, to the stem and then to the blossom of a character’s voice, and the components and how to build them as a character.

We discussed words to avoid like the “but” and “actually” both of which are used so often by people without knowledge of the impact they have.  Writing dialogue is about using words strategically.  Jeff gave examples of words from an antagonist to a protagonist, and vice versa, which was really interesting!

Jeff shared with us that he was dyslexic as a child and avoided english at any cost.  As a high achiever, the only class he failed in College was English, and this was discouraging.  However, he persevered and an experience where he was sitting in a Deacon’s meeting changed his life.  At the end he was asked to write everything down from the meeting in a pamphlet.  Jeff wrote a 30 page pamphlet and was told he should write more.  He went online and took a course at and started writing short stories, and hence began his writing career.

When asked if he was now doing something he loves, he said he was “doing something he loves to do, and something that loves him back”.

If you are looking for help with writing, editing or would like to have someone write your book as a ghostwriter, or if you would like to get one of his books, you can reach Jeff at or at

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