LIFT Your Story with Music Junkies Podcast’s Fun and Entertaining Host Annette Smith


This was a fun Podcast getting to know Annette Smith and why she started her podcast Music Junkies. 

LaurieAnn was a guest and also had the opportunity to listen to many of Annette’s Podcasts, and they are so entertaining because she asks very interesting questions.  And Annette did say she can make Roy’s dream come true to be a guest on a podcast.  Hers.

Annette has her own business in the Financial Industry, and her desire was to have a Podcast that was upbeat.  At the onset, when she was searching for people who loved music and asked them to share, she said their stories were quite intense, and already dealing with clients during the day who struggled, she knew this was not the direction she was looking for.

So Music Junkies brings many different people with different backgrounds on her show where she says she takes time to pick from the playlist they provide to her, knowing the direction she wants to take her guest.  And Annette is good at that.

You feel so comfortable with her you might end up saying something you never knew you wanted to share before.  LOL.

A must listen to for great fun and entertainment, and connecting to the guests whose songs, quite often, will also take you back to that one experience that is connected to music.

Annette’s Podcast can be found by searching Music Junkies Podcast or Music Junkies with Annette Smith.  The direct link on Buzzsprout  is

More about Annette:

I have been a financial planner for 15 years and own my own business during Covid I started a Music podcast. This podcast is all about stories from amazing people and extraordinary ways music has influenced their lives. With provocative conversations, filthy humor, and outrageous questions.  I am a mother of two beautiful children, 26 and 24, wife of 21 years and we have a dog LOL who is our new child.

(What a fantastic and simple bio! <3)

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