LIFT Your Story with Lisa Arnold Professional Portrait Photographer & Host of The How Do You Want To Be Seen Podcast


How DO you want to be seen?  Lisa Arnold shares with us how she approaches her clients when doing portrait photography.  She said she started asking “how do you want to be photographed” and realized the answers were generic.  She wanted rather to be able to capture the “true” person.  She now asks “how do you want to be seen?”.   In doing so, she gets to know her client more intimately to be able to bring out their true beauty.

It’s apparent that Lisa is passionate about what she does and her photography reflects this.

This episode is filled with truly heartfelt stories.  Enjoy.

You can reach Lisa and view her gallery at, as well as find her on Facebook at and Instagram

More about Lisa:

“I never really thought much about sharing my story until I realized that my story was the reflection of my clients’ stories.  It’s why I decided to start the podcast, I was inspired by the responses I received from my portrait clients and realized others might be too. 

Now, when people hear about the process of being seen, of having the portraits created to reflect back to them who they really are, it can be very powerful.  My dream would be to show women everywhere their beauty but reflecting them back to them.  Their stories have moved me. “

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