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That Gal With That Guy presents “LIFT Your Story” which is about SHARING YOUR STORY beyond what you would in a regular “pitch”.

Although we do focus primarily on topics from new entrepreneurs, authors and health – everyone has a STORY! We are two completely different minded people coming together to ask questions from two different perspectives. Promoting others and their interesting topics is our goal.

Why LIFT? Two reasons. One, is that we LIFT stories that go beyond just a business or purpose and reach the “person”. In addition, we share your story in our “LIFT” process… LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (from the book Make Up Not Required)

LaurieAnn is an Award Winning Author of Make Up Not Required – How To Brand The True You, contributing author alongside Les Brown, Forbes Riley and Steve Samblis in the book 1 Habit of Successful Entrepreneurs – an Amazon #1 Best Seller, Branding Expert, and first Canadian (third North American) to receive a Masters Certified Handwriting Analyst Certification. She is originally from Montréal, Québec, now living in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

Roy Miller is a Formulation Planning Expert from Dallas, Texas, USA, He is a contributing Author in Make Up Not Required – How To Brand the True YOU, 1 Habit To Thrive in a Post COVID World and Author of the upcoming book Chocolate Chip Cookies.

How We Pay It Forward

Promotion & Edification

It is so rewarding to LaurieAnn and Roy to get to know the “person” behind the “title”. It only takes one question to find out that that so often there is a “why” to the path our guests have pursued with passion. It is even more rewarding to assist them in sending out their story to the world. It’s why we love to LIFT Your Story!

Educating Our Listeners

We truly value the time our guests share with us. Not only does this help build out Podcast roster, it also builds us in what we learn from our guests, and we pride ourselves in passing that knowledge along to our listeners.

Pay It Forward Contributions

Your gift will help other young people build their dreams. Our mission is to pay it forward. We don’t charge anything for our time. We simply ask, if you so desire, to pay it forward by “donating”, albeit our preferred word is “contributing”, an amount you choose to build a fund that will be gifted to our next generation of entrepreneurs.


Thank you for your testimonials!!

I had the opportunity to be a guest on Laurieann’s and Roy’s Lift Your Story Podcast Show on December 8, 2020. It was such a delightful and exciting experience for me! They were very friendly and eased my nervousness in no time! The interview was like holding a conversation with your next door neighbors or friends. If you are interested in sharing your story and talking about your business for more more exposure, contact them and schedule a date to appear on their live Lift Your Story Podcast. You will not regret your decision to be a guest.

Sheila Sapp

It was a great experience being on Laurie and Roy’s podcast. The conversation flowed so easily and the atmosphere was so friendly and relaxing I could have chatted with them for hours. LIFT your story is a great opportunity to help amplify your message and get in touch with the rest of the world.

Konrad Grala (McMaster University Undergraduate Team)

I just met Laurie and Roy and feel like I have two new friends. I had so much fun being a guest on their Podcast. If you get a chance to listen to the podcast-I highly recommend it. And if you have an opportunity for an interview with them-DO IT!

It’s a great way to get your message out and have fun while doing it.

Thanks again guys!!!!

Steph Shinabery

I have been interviewed on a few podcasts prior to talking with I Am That Gal and I Am That Guy on LIFT Your Story podcast. It was my first time with two interviewers. I was expecting confusion about who was supposed to talk when. There was none of that. Just professional warm conversation. I loved our time recording the episode. I wish we could have talked for longer. I was also shocked with the turnaround time for the episode. Other podcasters take months to release an episode. I swear I had it in my hands the next day! Amazing team they are!

Jill Hunter


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