LIFT Your Story with Myles Wakeham Known As the Financial Contrarian and Podcaster Host of The Unconstrained Podcast


We were so amazed by Myles Wakeham’s stories!  From childhood he decided making money was more important than sitting in front of a bill that will put you in debt for years, and learning about what you WANT to do that education does not teach you. 

Interestingly, Myles’ parents supported his decision not to further his education after high school, however did explain he was on his own.

He built, lost, built, lost, and built again.  A true entrepreneur!

We know you will really enjoy this episode.  Very informative and also entertaining!

You can reach Myles at

He has a book coming out that you can get there called “Financial Sustainability” as well as a course on “Rental Real Estate” that you can find on his website.

More about Myles Wakeham:

Want to have Myles speak at your event, or be a guest on your TV, Radio or Podcast broadcast? It is our goal to spread the message of hope and change for people in the world. We believe that this can be best achieved by respecting individual freedoms and the right for you to have control over the life you live. To meet this end, Myles Wakeham, the host of the Unconstrained Podcast, welcomes media appearances, international public speaking events, conference speaking opportunities, being a guest on other podcasts, TV, radio, etc. His passion mixed with a laid back style, easy going attitude and comedic wit helps add value to any media broadcast or event.

Keynote speaker for:

  • Financial Sustainability
  • Contrarian Investing
  • Freedom & unconstrained lifestyle
  • Financial Independence
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Technology & Software
  • Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency
  • Medical Tourism
  • Travel Hacking
  • Retirement Strategies

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