LIFT Your Story with John Davis the Corporate Action Hero


We had a great time with John in this episode.  John is full of energy and laughs.  There were so many subjects we could have touched on,  however our time is limited, so we decided we would invite him back at some point to continue with new topics.

John explains the difference between the action hero and the super hero.  We won’t give the answer away here.  You will have to listen to find out. 🙂

John had a career as a fight director, stunt man, a fight choreographer, and over the years decided he wanted to inspire people.  He had a comedy tour called Hack and Slash, and says he enjoyed the after show talking to the people more than his time on stage.  From there he decided he wanted to help people and play with his cool stuff, so he created the Corporate Action Hero and is an inspirational speaker, working with corporations and “help them take their people from “ground hogs day” and turn them into people who are achieving more in their present moment”.

John, who wanted to be a stuntman, was injured and was told he would never be a stuntman, yet took this and created a stunman comedy show that he took across the world.

John speaks to stacking successful present moments.  Not to look at the future as a negative.  “You can’t get to the future, it’s coming to you”.

John also shares his most impactful  experience of his life.  Listen and find out what it was.

We had fun.  Thank you, John.

You can find John at  You can also find him on LinkedIn.

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About John:

John’s Background as a Stuntman, Fight Director, College Professor, Artistic Director, and Comedian makes him an intriguing guest that draws your audience in and delivers real world techniques for overcoming self imposed limitations and achieving maximum potential even in times of adversity.
After a serious back injury that left him paralyzed, John developed his “5F” system of achievement. The system hacks the fight or flight response shortening learning curves, and increasing successful outcomes. Using the system, he went on to perform over 4000 live comedy sword-fighting shows in 28 countries around the world.  On six USO tours, John took his show to the front lines of both Iraq and Afghanistan from 2001-2006.

John now is a highly sought after keynote speaker known as The Corporate Action Hero. He delivers empowering programs to organizations globally. His programs are unique, out of the box, and use bullwhips and nunchucks to deliver his message. His website is:

John Has a studio set up with professional camera and studio microphone and is available for both audio and video broadcasts.

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