LIFT Your Story with Robby Yates Co-Founder of Follow App and Podcast Host of Where The Fortune Is


Have you ever been at a networking meeting and sitting at a table where the conversation is great, however the potential business is not there?  Did you ever feel that there has to be a better way of knowing who is in that room that may be a great connection for you, or even someone who can introduce you to a potential client?  Robert (Robby) Yates and his partner came up with the perfect solution – the Follow App.  Essentially what it allows you to do is to know who is in the room and you can connect with them in whatever means they feel more comfortable.  It could be via text, or email, or face to face.  Robby says it “essentially helps you network like a Jedi Master”.

There are several other benefits to Robby’s app.   We discussed the anxiety of networking, and for some people it may mean that you end up being a “cling on” to that one face that is familiar.  The Follow App is a non-intrusive way to meet with someone with a pre-introduction to who you are and what you do.  It shortens the time of “working the room” to find the ideal contact.

Robby’s background is diverse.  He is a veteran of the US Coast Guard where he served as a corpsman.  He tells of his reason for changing his path in his career, which is very valid.

With a plan in place for his transition he earned his bachelor’s in Nuclear Medicine from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  He moved back to the Memphis area where he worked in sales with a logistics and insurance company.

Robby aslo serves on the Board of the Saving Lost Kids Restoration Project, supporting the non-profit’s efforts to build the largest, long term care and restoration facility in the U.S. for children who have been recovered from child sex-trafficking.

He thanks his faith in God for where he is today.

You can listen to his Podcast by going to
and for more information about the app visit  Robby is also on LinkedIn @Robert Yates.

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