LIFT Your Story with Rob Roseman Former Professional Poker Player Podcaster Author and Dad


Rob is a dad to three childen 8, 6 and 3.  When he left his professional poker playing profession he didn’t know what he was going to do with himself so he decided to start a podcast.  He started interviewing his friends and neighbors about being a dad, and ended up getting some bigger guests like Jessie Itzler and Pat Flynn and decided he was getting so much good advice and tips, he decided to take the quotes and nuggets and put them in a book to share with other dads.  He learned to self publish and now his book Dad The Best I can is now on amazon, and is also the name of his podcast.  He says it’s like therapy to him as well.

He said that Pat Flynn was the one that encouraged and inspired him to do his podcast.  

Asked how he became a Professional Poker Player, Rob explains that he said he always played highschool games and college games with his buddies in college and was a trader in Chicago and worked on the floor, always fast pace, and once he burned out of that career, he was asked to play in Vegas.  He had a big score and at 30 decided why not.   Moved out to Vegas on a whim, met his wife, had his three children and stayed there for 11 years.  He says “it’s a hard way to make an easy living”.  He shares about his experience and what it was like, and how it relates to entrepreneurship and life. 

We spoke about the fact that there really isn’t anything out there to ready you for divorce.  Rob mentioned that Clubhouse has been a great place for support, and so too podcasts regarding divorce and learning from others.  He found it interesting that his 50/50 custody seems to be an anomaly.   Rob also explained that women tend to build relationships easier in the thirties and forties, however it is not as easy for men, yet it is so important to have them and not isolate yourself.

Rob discusses what he calls the “married to divorce gap”.  At this point you have some telling you how you must be happy to be single and free, and others showering you with pity.  It can be confusing.  It’s important for men to look at their egos, and to be able to recognize their weak spots and to deal with what is going on, not suppress it.

You can find Rob’s book Dad The Best I Can on Amazon which includes 52 tips from other dads, and he is on Instagram @dadthebestican.

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