LIFT Your Story with Mike Montague Global Head of Content at Sandler Training and Founder of Playful Humans Podcast and Community


“Can You Come Out And Play?” … a line we forget about when we become adults.  Sometimes I think that when we have children, for some of us, it’s an excuse to buy all the toys we wanted ourselves as children because we miss playing too.

To Mike it’s been a passion project for him to help adults rediscover the power of play.  He speaks to the “creative nerdery”, a term he and his cousins came up with which related to being playful.  Thinking back on that reminded him how much fun it was to play.

Mike shares that once he became an adult he started taking himself too seriously and although he realized this two years ago, it ramped up during the pandemic.  Working remotely became harder to have fun. 

Although his career, which was in radio and in advertising, did provide some playful moments, he still felt that he was still losing touch with having fun. 

Mike has done a lot of research over the past year, and interviewed several people who live in the “play for a living” world on his podcast Playful Humans.  He has also done scientific research, interviewing experts around play, creativity and innovation.  He says that those who play more are more attractive because they smile more, are more physically fit, more productive, more successful and have less stress.

Our culture still talks about working and grinding and having to put in the hours to be successful, yet research proves this not to be true. 

So are you ready to come out and play?  Then visit, become part of the community and take the quiz to find out what kind of playful human you are!  And be sure to listen to the Podcast by the same name.

More about Mike’s other world that we didn’t touch on because we were so intrigued by the playfulness!

Mike is also the author of LinkedIn the Sandler Way and an international social selling expert for Sandler Training, the world’s largest sales training organization. He also hosts the very popular How to Succeed podcast with over 450 episodes and over 1.75 Million total downloads!  You can also find Mike at

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